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With hundreds of units in operation, ABC Actini is today’s leader in supplying standard and customized decontamination systems for labs and large biofacilities for BSL1 to 4 contained environments. With its experience in the private sector but also in universities and government sites, ABC Actini offers a whole range of continuous flow or batch killing solutions to meet any type of budgetary logic and any type of URS.

Type of effluent, source of effluent, capacity needs, viscosity, chlorides content, available space, available utilities, budget… because choosing the most suitable equipment is a complex and decisive step, our experienced teams offer you support during your decision-making by understanding your needs in a customer-oriented way and translating them into appropriate technical and financial proposals.

Lab scale decontamination

Aware of the growing needs to treat effluent inside laboratories, ABC Actini has developed a range of highly standardized equipment to treat effluent from research laboratories in complete safety from 26 to 950 gallons per day (Kube, Sink, Micro, MicroSteam and UltiBatch models).
These plug-and-play systems, available from stock, are very easy to connect and commission. This easy-to-use aspect is also found in their use with fully automatic operation and traceability of all treatment cycles.

The Ultimate range will meet the needs of universities, government laboratories and biotechs with larger volumes to process up to 50,700 gallons per day (Ultimate and Ultimate Plus models).

LOOK AT OUR Lab scale decontamination PRODUCTS
ABC ACTINI lab scale product line
KUBE 26 100 Batch (patented) Electricity
SINK 26 100 Batch (patented) Electricity
MICRO 80 300 Batch (patented) Electricity
MICROSTEAM 260 1,000 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
MICRO30 395 or 790 1,500 or 3,000 Batch (patented) Electricity
ULTIBATCH - Single Batch 470 1,800 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
ULTIBATCH - Double Batch 950 3,600 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
ULTIMATE - ULT-1000 1,300 to 4,200 5,000 to 16,000 Continuous flow Steam
ULTIMATE PLUS - ULT-3000 2,600 to 12,700 10,000 to 48,000 Continuous flow Steam
ULTIMATE PLUS - ULT-6000 7,900 to 25,400 30,000 to 96,000 Continuous flow Steam
ULTIMATE PLUS - ULT-9000 13,200 to 38,000 50,000 to 144,000 Continuous flow Steam
ULTIMATE PLUS - ULT-12000 37,000 to 50,700 140,000 to 192,000 Continuous flow Steam

Large scale decontamination

To meet your User Requirement Specifications and provide you with a solution adapted to your needs, the CycloBatch and Continuous Flow ranges will allow you, thanks to patented heat treatment technologies, to integrate all the components and security levels of your choice into the systems.

ABC Actini offers both pre-engineered solutions and systems fully customized according to your URS for capacities from 26 gallons per day.

Electricity or steam-operation, batch or continuous flow technologies, ideal to treat large volumes of effluent and adapted to BSL 1 to 4, our modular and upgradeable systems will meet your needs.

LOOK AT OUR Large scale decontamination PRODUCTS
ABC Actini - large range.
CYCLOBATCH - BDS-30 26 to 260 100 to 1,000 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
CYCLOBATCH - BDS-300 260 to 920 1,000 to 3,500 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
CYCLOBATCH - BDS-750 920 to 2,000 3,500 to 7,500 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
CYCLOBATCH - BDS-1600 2,000 to 3,200 7,500 to 12,000 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
CYCLOBATCH - BDS-2200 3,200 to 4,200 12,000 to 16,000 Batch (patented) Tangential steam injection
CONTINUOUS - FDS-500 660 to 2,100 2,500 to 8,000 Continuous flow (patented) Electricity
CONTINUOUS - FDS-1000 1,300 to 4,200 5,000 to 16,000 Continuous flow (patented) Steam
CONTINUOUS - FDS-3000 4,000 to 12,700 15,000 to 48,000 Continuous flow (patented) Steam
CONTINUOUS - FDS-6000 7,900 to 25,400 30,000 to 96,000 Continuous flow (patented) Steam
CONTINUOUS - FDS-12000 15,800 to 50,700 60,000 to 192,000 Continuous flow (patented) Steam
CONTINUOUS - FDS-PLUS Over 50,200 Over 190,000 Continuous flow (patented) Steam

Specific design for BSL 4 containment & ATEX requirements
* Continuous daily capacity on a 16-hour-a-day operation
* Cyclobatch daily capacity on a 20-hour-a-day operation

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